Saviynt: Pioneering Cloud Access Governance and Intelligence

Saviynt: Pioneering Cloud Access Governance and Intelligence

Matthew Schmidt, VP, Public Sector Sales, SaviyntMatthew Schmidt, VP, Public Sector Sales
Cloud adoption is surging, everywhere, even in the government space, which is a heavily regulated market. The move comes as no surprise, as central and state governments, in an attempt to modernize operations and to effectively serve its citizens and dependent businesses, are taking the “cloud-only policy” route. However, although the cloud is a decade old technology, the definition of its technology components, compliance, and most importantly cloud security are changing with time and at a rapid pace—a cause of worry. In simple terms, the traditional approach of securing high-value assets on premises does not apply to the cloud; the security landscape requires a modern approach, with the firewall no longer being the key perimeter to protect the high-value assets like sensitive data, the critical infrastructure, and the identity of the involved parties. But with each cloud provider having a different approach toward security, organizations usually are stuck finding their feet amidst the new regulations and policies of the cloud and trying to secure their cloud-based assets to keep a traditional on-premise approach.

Coming as a silver lightning in the “cloud”, eliminating the chaos of the cumbersome processes is Saviynt—a leading provider of next-generation Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions—with its unique platform that makes the two ends meet by providing a single solution that can manage high-value assets on cloud and on-premises effectively.

“Saviynt has a very flexible data model. It offers the first cloud first identity governance platform for both deployment and operation. Built on a big data platform that includes Elastic search and Hadoop for scalability, Saviynt offers an application access governance solution,” says Matthew Schmidt, the VP of the Public Sector Sales in Saviynt.

Taking a holistic approach on identity governance without compromising traditional IGA features and functionality, Saviynt’s access governance and intelligence solutions—offered via a SaaS platform or on-premises—combine the IGA processes with the usage and risk analytics.

Saviynt effectively addresses the challenges faced by the traditional identity governance providers on-premise and ensures the appropriate compliance and security requirements for organizations with its configuration based integrated platform. Saviynt’s platform facilitates and automates user access reviews, onboarding, and lifecycle management, as well as imports access and usage data from applications in real time. The team at Saviynt enables enterprises to manage risk and secure applications like SAP, Oracle EBS/ Cloud ERP, Workday, and Salesforce, data for Office 365 and Box, as well as infrastructure for AWS, Azure, and Chef in a single platform. “It’s a multi-faceted solution, and we consider it to be the next generation identity governance solution. We have risk-based automated provisioning, self-service, delegated administration, intelligent access request, workflow notification and approval, a rule’s engine for the business process, access review certifications, and intelligent analytics that look into peer to peer analysis of access,” explains Schmidt.

Built on a big data platform that includes Elastic search and Hadoop for scalability, Saviynt is a fully extensible identity governance solution

Saviynt successfully empowers organizations to secure applications, data, and infrastructure in a unified cloud Identity Governance platform. For instance, a major oil and gas company replaced one of its traditional identity governance providers with Saviynt due to its inefficiency in getting application into production. Saviynt got over 100 applications in the production over a 12-month period and was able to drive the audit deficiency down and improve the sustainability in the company. Saviynt provided the cross-application identity governance across the user’s lifecycle as well as detected segregation of duty toxic combinations that exist not only at application level but across applications.

Steering ahead, Saviynt’s primary focus is on the adoption of containerization and micro-services to achieve better operational efficiency. The containerization of microservices not only simplifies the upgrade process of the customer environment but also allows easy management of every customer deployment. Saviynt also looks forward to investing heavily on the privileged user management domain for delivering a more comprehensive solution for privileged access management and governance for Cloud and enterprise providers including AWS, Azure, Salesforce, Workday, Office 365, SAP, and SAP HANA.