Huddle: Content Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere in Cloud

Huddle: Content Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere in Cloud

Morten Brøgger, CEO, HuddleMorten Brøgger, CEO
With popular collaboration services from Google, Microsoft, WebEx, Jive Software, eXo Platform, Synaptop and, long gone are the days when a team only collaborated via e-mail and other legacy tools. To empower the workforce, today’s digital businesses are going beyond simple file sync and share solutions, and using cloud to provide 24/7 access to business content, applications and other processes which drive meaningful collaboration. Cloud-based services can seamlessly blend the right content, people, processes, and communications as part of a cohesive workflow for business managers. Assisting governments and private sectors alike, Huddle bestows the ability to collaborate, anywhere, anytime, on any customized device and in a secure environment, helping clients to do away the old practice of locking away files on hard drives or losing them in old emails. “We focus on solving the real issue faced by enterprises: working together effectively with our collaboration solutions,” states Morten Brøgger, CEO, Huddle.

The firm’s user-friendly content collaboration solution enables organizations to store, discover, share and work on content seamlessly and securely in the cloud. The product helps clients to manage projects with teams both inside and outside the organization, beyond the firewall and improve results to simplify business challenges with dashboard views, tasks and administrative controls. It is a unified platform, to share ideas, work on documents, and manage projects combining powerful workflow tools with the ability to work seamlessly across devices and virtual teams.

U.S. Government agencies use Huddle to reduce risk and improve security when sharing and managing documents, and working with external partners. Huddle’s FedRAMP approved service combines the benefits of cloud collaboration with the security to confidently work together, keep teams coordinated, and track document activity.

Huddle’s intuitive project management features allow users to unify project tasks, content, approvals, team communication within a single dashboard and monitor the document access to ensure team productivity.

We focus on solving the real issue faced by enterprises: working together effectively with our collaboration solutions

Besides, the firm’s intelligent dashboard surfaces the content and tasks that are important to customers and their project milestones. The task management software adds tasks, requests approvals around the content, and keeps track of workflow from desktop or mobile device. The solution also enables users to set permissions, manage versions, and create audit trails to keep sensitive files secure and organized.

In an instance, University College London Hospital National Health Service Foundation Trust (UCLH), which traditionally used email to share information around project teams, was benefitted by Huddle’s solutions. The email system was very slow in transferring the multi-MB Computer Aided Design (CAD) and BIM (Building Information Modelling) files. Beyond just a size issue, the project teams needed to work on the most up to date versions of these files simultaneously, in order to share edits and comments. Huddle’s offering enabled the client to share large files, control versions, and create complete and detailed records for project activities, with automatic audit trails for each document.

The firm’s solution seamlessly integrates with popular enterprise tools such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint to deliver improved collaboration from within the users’ preferred productivity tools. The mobile apps of the company help users to work on files, share ideas and manage approvals and set tasks while on the move and the desktop apps help in delivering a better collaboration within the existing desktop tools.

Forging ahead, Huddle will continue to deliver innovative collaboration solutions to clients. “With more people focusing on bringing effective collaboration to organizations worldwide, it’s wonderful to join them on this mission,” concludes Brøgger.