Enquizit: Clearing the Hurdles for a Smooth Cloud Migration

Enquizit: Clearing the Hurdles for a Smooth Cloud Migration

TC Ratnapuri, President , EnquizitTC Ratnapuri, President
The cloud has become the preferred platform for almost every business, primarily driven by its advantages like increased efficiency, improved operational agility, ease of access, simpler management, ease of managing security and compliance, and lower costs. Be it public, private, or hybrid cloud, the technology’s adoption has increased tremendously over the last few years. Despite the convenience and affordability of cloud solutions, the actual migration process is fraught with numerous challenges ranging from subpar planning to obsolete technology and risks, which often lead to a significant loss—either during the transition process or after moving to the cloud. To assist enterprises in such scenarios, Virginia-based Enquizit, a certified Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner, has developed a proprietary agile cloud migration framework that provides robust, cost-effective, and scalable solution that reduces risks and enables federal, state, and local government agencies to move their workloads to the cloud efficiently while meeting the regulatory and compliance requirements.

The framework is built around a tool Enquizit refers to as Skymap—a cloud migration acceleration solution that is the fruit of Enquizit’s years of experience in mass migration of critical workloads and building complex applications. The firm has been moving large, complex IT environments to the cloud for government agencies, educational institutions, and commercial organizations since 2011 and helping them achieve their objectives through application modernization. “We understand the value of attaining short-term goals rapidly and then switching to opportunistic application modernization to exploit the capabilities of the cloud,” says Enquizit’s president TC Ratnapuri.

Using Skymap, Enquizit supports government agencies throughout the cloud migration process—from initial assessments to planning and testing to optimization.

The Skymap framework was developed to address two specific challenges faced by most businesses: figuring out the overall budget for the move to the cloud and the ‘analysis paralysis’—a situation that occurs due to extensive focus on the initial migration phase. The Enquizit approach gives these organizations financial clarity on all aspects of cloud migration. “Our experience helps us build a customized financial model that accurately forecasts ROI and shifts in CapEx and OpEx budgets for every kind of firm,” adds Ratnapuri.

Our ability to form passionate teams while balancing prudence with innovation, help us solve truly complex problems for our customers

The company’s pragmatic approach to engaging with clients to clearly understand their vision, goals, scope, TCO, and expectations and accordingly provide the services is what sets Enquizit apart in the marketplace.“Our team’s ability to balance prudence with innovation helps solve truly complex problems for our customers,” informs Gustavo Costa, VP business development at Enquizit.

Enquizit, which has a large client base, exults having a 100 percent success rate with each one of them. A testament to this is their success story with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SBA, whose primary mission is to assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and their contracting personnel to ensure fair proportions of contracts are awarded to SMBs, had outdated software applications that underpin the process. Enquizit stepped in and analyzed all of SBA’s applications and their intended usage, and designed a customizable, modern, cloud-based unified case management system. “The implementation strategy also included a multi-tiered solution that was developed iteratively using an agile framework,” remarks Costa. The result: SBA experienced an improved customer success rate and was able to manage applications much more efficiently.

For the road ahead, Enquizit plans to offer deeper and more focused services that help reduce the friction in cloud consumption. “We are increasing our technical capabilities in key areas such as machine learning, AI and our internal cloud migration factory to allow Enquizit to better serve our strategic growth as well as our expanding clientele,” reveals Ratnapuri.