QTS Realty Trust, Inc. [NYSE: QTS]: Assisting Government Agencies Reach Cloud

QTS Realty Trust, Inc. [NYSE: QTS]: Assisting Government Agencies Reach Cloud

Chad Williams, CEO, QTS Realty Trust, IncChad Williams, CEO
Cloud computing has redefined the way of conducting business irrespective of size, location or industry. Today it is evident that cloud especially the hybrid cloud model offers enterprises the ability to adopt virtualization, enabling them to accelerate organic growth and streamline operational efficiencies. Unlike other private or multinational companies, public sector agencies that manage some of the most sensitive data in the world, while adhering to the stringent security and compliance standards, require cloud computing solution customized according to their need. Overland Park based hybrid cloud and managed hosting service provider QTS Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: QTS) helps federal agencies by addressing their needs. The firm delivers seamless hybrid cloud solutions that combine rapid availability and elasticity of compute resources with the security and control, which federal customers demand for mission critical applications.

“Our comprehensive and integrated solutions empower government agencies to navigate their unique IT transformation and cloud journeys,” says Chad Williams, CEO, QTS Realty Trust. The company offers ‘Enterprise Cloud’, a high performance, scalable and secured Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), for the agencies, turning to hybrid IT scenarios. This IaaS solution agency’s improves IT agility and business flexibility by seamlessly integrating with their on-premise and hosted environments. Similarly QTS’ VMware vCloud Government Service is an enterprise-class hybrid cloud service that delivers proven VMware capabilities to U.S. public sector organizations with added security and compliance assurance of FedRAMP authorization, a govt.- led standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The service offers a common platform for government agencies to leverage internal and external cloud resources.

However, often due to legacy business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, companies are unable to leverage cloud’s long-term cost and efficiency benefits.

Our comprehensive and integrated solutions empower government agencies to navigate their unique IT transformation and cloud journeys

QTS’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), an innovative, cloud-based, enterprise-grade replication solution helps to overcome this challenge. The solution provides end-to-end protection to data and applications hosted in the QTS Enterprise Cloud. Not only offering different cloud solutions, QTS also focuses on helping companies to effectively implement these solutions. The firm’s Cloud deployment training and implementation services—Onclouding assists companies to deploy cloud quickly and easily with expert training and implementation services. The service is divided into two segments- Pre- Deployment Training and Onclouding Express, where cloud engineers set up new cloud environment and have it fully functional in a very less time.

With diverse solutions, QTS effortlessly serves several industries with equal expertise, be it, finance, IT and digital media, healthcare or government. In one instance, The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) reached out to a leading public sector information and management solution provider to develop an enterprise-wide record and document management system that would manage millions of daily emails and employee records while complying with all federal mandates. Although the company had developed a cloud-based enterprise content and records management solution, they sought QTS’s help for infrastructure and hosting of the platform. The QTS solution provided the foundation for DOI to be the first cabinet-level agency to move its records management system to the cloud.

Recently QTS has launched cloudConnect, a dedicated VLAN connection between a QTS data center and client’s cloud service provider. It ensures safety of corporate data while traveling from servers to the cloud. Managed Cloud solution is another latest addition to QTS’s existing product offerings. It enables enterprises to outsource cloud related tasks, from network, compute and storage to high-touch managed services with self service capabilities that reduces IT capital and operational expenditures. For the years ahead, the company is focused to develop its solutions with a strong conviction on constant innovation.