GCOM Software: Revolutionizing Cloud Computing in Public Sector

GCOM Software: Revolutionizing Cloud Computing in Public Sector

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Virendra Alvekar and Abid Bargeer, Managing Partners, GCOM SoftwareVirendra Alvekar and Abid Bargeer, Managing Partners
In today’s public sector, although cloud computing provides significant advantage to government agencies, there are manifold barriers to its adoption. Issues related to the data security, cloud migration, integration of new technologies, and the reliability of cloud vendors are creating a ripple in the industry. Besides, agencies also struggle to choose modern IT technologies that comply with the security and performance standards. While these agencies look to leverage cloud to improve their operations and services, a professional consultant who thoroughly understands the public sector nuances market as well as the cloud technology becomes crucial.

This is where NY-based GCOM Software marks its presence in the public sector with its broad range of cutting-edge business and technology services. GCOM Software covers everything from digital transformation and technology consulting to IT staffing and managed services.

Initially, GCOM Software was solely focused on designing and developing mobile and web applications. But, as the technologies evolved in the market, the firm shifted its offerings to managed cloud computing services by partnering with industry giants such as AWS, Microsoft, and more. These managed services include application management services, outsourcing strategy services, discrete business process outsourcing, and infrastructure management.

One of the main challenges addressed by GCOM Software is data security and compliance during cloud transition. The company ensures a high level of security by delivering industry leaders’ cloud infrastructure level services. By using SQL data encryption technique, the company protects the designing and developing of cloud applications. “On the compliance side, we leverage our partnerships with leading cloud providers to stay abreast with the compliance rules and regulations,” begins Virendra Alvekar, managing partner at GCOM Software.

The company also addresses intricacies associated with system integrations prevailing between cloud-based systems and internal/on-premise systems. GCOM Software precisely comprehends such scenarios and provides a direct data link between the cloud systems and clients’ internal network, which secures data exchange between the two systems.

Apart from the cloud managed services, GCOM Software also offers various other products for the public sector agencies. The company offers a fully integrated system, Vital Record Management System (VRMS), which tracks and manages the processes associated with registering all vital events along with data compilation, analysis, and dissemination. In addition, GCOM Software provides a state-of-the-art, all-encompassing criminal record repository—Computerized Criminal History (CCH) record—developed to sequentially handle and record events in the criminal justice systems.

That’s not all; GCOM Software offers a unique case management system built on micro-services architecture. With in-built security and auditing features, the case management system could be implemented within any domain, be it child welfare, public safety, or health services.

In one such client engagement, GCOM Software partnered with the NYC Department of Finance (DOF) that administers the car parking tickets and penalizes individuals in case of any non-adherence to the car parking laws. DOF wanted to include two options in its mobile application—pay the parking ticket fine and capture the ticket information as evidence to dispute the ticket. To help the client, GCOM Software built a cloud-based intuitive, user-friendly, and cost-effective application that allowed the NY citizens to pay the parking ticket or solve the dispute using the captured images as evidence. Recently, the application crossed a million users in the whole of NY City.

With a passion to solve clients’ problems and meet their business needs, GCOM Software has always focused on improving its workforce to complement the customers. Subsequently, the firm provides technology-based internal training to its employees. The company has recently acquired GANTECH, an IT service management company, in an endeavor to expand its expertise in the managed service arena. Overall, GCOM Software strives to continue on its path of offering unparalleled services to the clients for years to come.

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GCOM Software

GCOM Software

Albany, NY

Virendra Alvekar and Abid Bargeer, Managing Partners

GCOM Software offers mobile and web development, software engineering, system integration, managed application services, project management, and cloud transformation services. These managed services include application management services, outsourcing strategy services, discrete business process outsourcing, and infrastructure management. GCOM Software focuses on data security and compliance during cloud transition and ensures a high level of security by delivering industry leaders’ cloud infrastructure level services. Additionally, the company addresses intricacies associated with cloud-based systems and internal/on-premise systems and provides a direct data link between the cloud systems and clients' internal network, which secures data

GCOM Software News

GCOM Software Acquires GANTECH, Expanding State and Local Market Presence

ALBANY, N.Y.: GCOM Software LLC ("GCOM") announced that it has acquired GANTECH, Inc. ("GANTECH"), a leading provider of consulting and technical services to the State of Maryland. GANTECH's talent and expertise augment GCOM's broad range of software capabilities and professional services focused on building, integrating and maintaining technology systems in the health and human services, public safety, licensing and permitting and cyber security markets, while expanding its footprint in the Mid-Atlantic states. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, GANTECH currently supports many government and education clients, including the four largest agencies in Maryland. The company serves its customers in the areas of IT systems management, application development, and overall project management.

"The addition of GANTECH brings critical managed service delivery experience to GCOM," said Kamal Bherwani, Chief Executive Officer of GCOM. "GANTECH's unmatched client knowledge, strong past performance, and long-standing customer relationships will fuel GCOM's growth in the Mid-Atlantic and other parts of the U.S., and strengthens our leadership in delivering innovative, mission-critical solutions to the state and local government market."

"GCOM's acquisition of GANTECH is another important step in the execution of our strategy of continuing to expand service offerings to our customers and grow our geographic presence," added Donna Morea, Chair of the GCOM Board of Directors. "GANTECH's market leading position in Maryland and customer-focused service align well with the business GCOM has built. We look forward to capitalizing on many attractive growth opportunities in the future."

GCOM is backed by Sagewind Capital, a middle-market private equity firm based in New York City that invests in, and provides additional strategic, operating and financial support to companies with strong management teams in the government services, software, information technology, healthcare and business services sectors.

Steve Lefkowitz, Managing Partner of Sagewind Capital, added, "The acquisition of GANTECH builds on GCOM's considerable strengths in state and local constituent services and expands its market footprint. Under Kamal's leadership, the combined company is poised for significant growth in this evolving and competitive market."