Equinix: Harnessing the Power of Interconnection for a Seamless Cloud Experience

Brian Lillie, CIO, EquinixBrian Lillie, CIO
Cloud is enabling government agencies to transform the way IT services are delivered and consumed, simultaneously realizing reduced costs and improved operational agility. However, as agencies opt for numerous cloud services to unravel different advantages, they often find it difficult to combine them in one seamless cloud experience. Creating the right balance of private, public and hybrid clouds is top of mind for government IT, and addressing this need is Equinix, a Redwood City-based company that weaves different clouds into one hybrid environment. “Equinix is the only place where government agencies can connect directly to multiple clouds and gain all the benefits without security concerns, internet performance bottlenecks and the risk of vendor lock-in,” extols Brian Lillie, CIO, Equinix.

The company’s Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand, and direct access to multiple clouds and networks across the globe. Establishing private, high-performance connections with cloud providers through Cloud Exchange lets government agencies build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions inside an Equinix IBX. “Equinix was one of the first data center providers to offer private access to both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and we have grown to offer direct connections to all the leading clouds providers,” says Lillie. Equinix’s Cloud Exchange provides direct connection to Azure for Government via ExpressRoute and also offers direct connection to AWS GovCloud.

Equinix Cloud Exchange benefits agencies through more reliable, secure, and higher performance connections when compared to the public internet. The solution enables near real-time provisioning of virtual circuits in 200Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps increments, with greater control to monitor and provision via the Equinix Cloud Exchange Portal and APIs. It easily scales for one-to-many multi-cloud deployments.

Further, the company offers Equinix Performance Hub, an extension of an organization’s network into Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data center.

Equinix is the only place where government agencies can connect directly to multiple clouds and gain all the benefits without security concerns, internet performance bottlenecks and the risk of vendor lock-in

It enables agencies to securely and reliably connect to the network and cloud providers, using off-the-shelf networking. It also increases network efficiency, helping agencies in simplifying their networks and gaining access to the cloud. Performance Hub allows organizations to choose from numerous networks, cloud providers and IT service providers. The solution provides design guidelines that demonstrate how users can integrate key Equinix and partner technologies, such as carrier-neutral IBX data centers, colocation services, networking, security, and load balancing into their data center architecture, supporting various IT initiatives. “Equinix specializes in building and shaping the interconnection infrastructure of the internet,” remarks Lillie.

A Forrester study, “The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Equinix Interconnection Solutions,” offers evidence of the benefits of direct interconnection. Greater interconnection enabled higher systems uptime (supporting 99.9999 percent on average), with 15 percent fewer network incidents and outages, leading to reduced labor costs. Major cost reductions were realized by migrating to a multi-cloud interconnection strategy to deploy and scale applications with lower-cost cloud service providers, versus running them internally. Direct and Secure Interconnection also has a significant positive financial impact on the organization. A recent survey, Enterprise of the Future, commissioned by Equinix, showed that more than a third (37 percent) of businesses that have deployed interconnection solutions reported at least $10 million in value created.

For the road ahead, the company aims to continue innovating and bringing the value of interconnection to all industries. “We are currently working on a solution that will bring data processing to the edge, helping organizations as they grapple with the onslaught of data brought on by industry advancements such as the Internet of Things,” concludes Lillie.