CloudLock: Transforming Cloud Security into a Business Enabler

CloudLock: Transforming Cloud Security into a Business Enabler

Gil Zimmermann, Co-founder and CEO, CloudLockGil Zimmermann, Co-founder and CEO
The Cloud, no doubt has proven its mettle. It evolved from a buzzword amongst the entrepreneurial circle to being the catalyst in the race to the top. Government agencies may have been skeptical about the adoption initially, but the acceptance rate of the cloud today speaks volumes of the faith that the cloud has gained over the course of time from the federal, state, and local government agencies. The CloudFirst policy by the U.S. government may have had a big role in this accelerated approval rate but the security concerns around the technology do not still play well with the traditional role of safekeeping of the public records. CloudLock is one of the prominent names in the space with solutions to answer the woes of these agencies at this critical juncture. Several government agencies work with CloudLock to advance efficiency mandates, manage data threats, and increase operational productivity in the cloud. “Building a unified cloud security fabric, we at CloudLock work with one simple goal ‘to transform cloud security into a business enabler’,” notes Gil Zimmermann, Co-founder and CEO, CloudLock.

CloudLock delivers cloud security services that help organizations to protect their data locked in the cloud, while enforcing mandated compliance regulations easily and effectively. “We enable organizations protect their sensitive data located in public cloud applications such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow, Office 365, Third-party connected and other apps,” extols Zimmermann. This is achieved by CloudLock’s cloud-native Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform that helps organizations to securely leverage the cloud for apps they buy and build. With its frictionless offerings, CloudLock protects cloud applications and provides codeless security for custom-built apps and actionable cybersecurity intelligence across an organization’s entire cloud infrastructure, across the enterprise in minutes.

CloudLocks’ cloud security as a service is based on APIs co-developed with public cloud vendors in order to complement with their customers apps and empower them.

We enable organizations protect their sensitive data located in public cloud applications

With this API-based architecture, CloudLock’s CASB solution protects cloud environments regardless of the way they are accessed, and by whom they are accessed, to provide a cohesive platform for their customers to identify, analyze, and remediate all the cybersecurity risk they are experiencing. CloudLock achieves deep integration with monitored platforms, including both packaged and custom apps, via API, enabling detailed, object-level granular controls for a richer selection of remediation capabilities.

Working with security teams that need to combat complex cyberthreats, while meeting compliance regulations, CloudLock’s Cybersecurity Orchestrator aggregates data feeds, across their clients existing IT infrastructure. “Our Cybersecurity Orchestrator solution enriches security intelligence and harmonizes data protection across on-premises and cloud environments for unprecedented insight and control,” articulates Zimmermann.

One of the recent benefactors of the firm, The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), a federal law that applies to all information systems used or operated by U.S. Government agencies required each of its federal agency to develop, document and implement programs to ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability of information and information systems. In a lookout for the best-suited solution to achieve the goal, FISMA turned to CloudLock, and integrated its best-in-class cloud security solution. “Our cloud security solution enabled federal institutions achieve FISMA compliance by preserving authorized restrictions on information access and disclosure,” exclaims Zimmermann.

With the aim to secure their customers cloud environments with CloudLock, the firm recently announced an adaptive, cloud-native multi-mode CASB platform, combined with advanced cloud analytics, cloud risk insight, and cybersecurity ecosystem orchestration. With the futuristic aim to provide comprehensive CASB cybersecurity-as-a-service solution, team CloudLock will continue to towards completely transforming the cloud security industry.